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Rater Alliance Team for Energy Ratings



RATERusa is qualified as a RESNET Provider.  As a RESNET Provder, RATERusa provides Green Building Program and/or Building Energy Code oversight, for HERS Raters across the country. 

RATERusa-Membership HERS Raters operate their individual companies under the strict discipline of the RESNET Standards Protocol for HERS Ratings, including oversight of Energy Efficient Programs sanctioned under the RESNET Standards. 

RATERusa-Membership HERS Raters and Green Verifiers operate their individual companies under the strict discipline of associated Building Performance Programs.

RATERusa oversees the Rater Alliance Team.  This collaboration group of RATERusa-Membership HERS Raters and Green Verifiers are offered the business opportunity to qualify their teams to fulfill RATERusa's National Projects, on a geographic-location basis.  This Rater Alliance Team is a pre-qualified and highly experienced team, and able to respond quickly to the verification needs of RATERusa-contracted Building Performance Programs accross the nation. 

Today, the Rater Alliance Team continues to provide verification services to clients seeking Building Performance Program compliance for their projects.  This Rater Alliance Team specializes in residential building program design, verification, and rating services. And, the Rater Alliance Team is staffed with Building Performance personnel holding certifications as RESNET HERS Raters, RESNET Green Raters, NAHB Green Verifiers, LEED-H Green Raters, BPI Analyst Engineers, and more.

The RATERusa Rater Alliance Team is uniquely qualified to work with our clients' building performance design and construction operation, as well improving their overall building performance delivery.    

National Building Performance Program Guidelines -and- Energy Codes or Standards

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